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Clients love InfoTrac Management Consultants
Clients love InfoTrac Management Consultants


Struggling with Employee Disengagement?

Overwhelmed with Strategy Execution?

Frustrated with Lackluster Results?

Invite keynote speakers Riaz or Linda Khadem into your organization to help sharpen your focus by introducing their comprehensive management solution.

Through Total Alignment, You’ll Learn How to…

  • Foster innovation and build management strength.
  • Build teams, engage with employees, and apply practical strategies.
  • Develop good strategy, prioritize initiatives, assign accountability and oversee follow up for excellent execution.
  • Unify your team behind an inspiring vision and strategy, and involve the workforce in achieving results.
  • Delegate, empower, and develop competency in the next level of the organization.
Meet Infotrac Keynote Speakers Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem

Meet the Speakers

Riaz Khadem

As founder and CEO, Dr. Khadem has over twenty-five years of experience in strategy deployment, performance management, leadership, and cultural transformation. To meet his clients’ needs, Dr. Khadem created Total Alignment. This model has been implemented in many diverse industries and in several countries. Dr. Khadem was educated at Illinois, Harvard and Oxford (Balliol College) and holds a doctorate in Applied Mathematics.

Linda Khadem

As vice president, Linda Khadem serves as the corporate council. She is the co-author of Total Alignment, as well as the latest edition of One Page Management published in 2014. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Illinois and a degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Emory University.

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Let’s Align Your Execution With Strategy and Transform the Way You Work

The purpose of Vision Alignment is to begin the first step towards Total Alignment in your organization. Take advantage of the learning we have incorporated into the methodologies and tools based on over twenty-five years of consulting experience. Two senior Vision Alignment consultants will spend three days with your executive team, preparing with you in advance to provide you with the best possible program.

Once you make the decision to implement Total Alignment, you will see many important benefits and concrete improvements.

  • Become focused on the right measures, aligning actions with strategy to optimize value.
  • A culture of measurement and accountability will emerge, improving the bottom line.
  • Management will be strengthened by ‘best management practices’.
  • A common language within a business, across businesses and across countries will facilitate communication.
  • Teamwork is enhanced by the improved functioning of natural and cross- functional teams.
  • Responsibility is assigned at the appropriate level and managers focus on developing their people.
  • A dashboard providing access to information for self-management to all managers increases their effectiveness.
  • Motivate workers at all levels of the workforce with a fair compensation system.
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Total Alignment Book

Total Alignment

A lively story filled with engaging characters allows the reader to move along at a rapid and effortless pace, almost unaware of the great amount of learning that is taking place.

Major management issues are identified and addressed in a clear and cohesive manner. Exciting new concepts are outlined and explained.

This book will give you a systematic process to align your organization - the strategies, the priorities, the projects, the behaviors, the competencies, and the compensation using a state of the art software tool.

“Total Alignment is a roadmap for taking charge of the business. By focusing on the right aspects, gathering the necessary information, and executing the items that matter most, it helps corporations make timely decisions that result in improved improved performance.”
Norberto Sanchez, CEO, Norsan Group, during implementation, US
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